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Educating on the Value of Lung Cancer Screening

Dr. Brett M. Elicker was awarded the 2010 Hideyo Minagi Outstanding Teaching Award for his work with UCSF diagnostic radiology residents, but his broader goal is to teach the public about the value of early screening for lung cancer. Nearly one hundred sixty thousand...

Nutrition / Diet Diabetes Urology / Nephrology Junk food, high-fat diet may harm kidneys as much as type 2 diabetes

If not appropriately managed, type 2 diabetes can cause significant damage to the kidneys. Now, a new study suggests eating too much junk food or a diet high in fat can cause just as much harm. Published in the journal Experimental Psychology, the study indicates that...

Pulsatile Tinnitus: One Patient’s Quest to End Ominous Ringing in Her Ear

It started with a small but persistent noise in her right ear. The noise seemed in rhythm with Alla’s heartbeat. Within a month, it seemed more related to her heart than ever—the noise transformed into a clamorous “whoosh” with every beat. Far beyond annoying, the...